How to Change PTCL Wireless Name and Password

If you are using the PTCL Network for the first time and their is a need to change the user name of your wireless as well as your password. Then follow the following procedure to change PTCL Wireless name and Password.

How to Change PTCL Wifi Name

  • First open Your Computer Browser.
  • Type Following IP Address old Or
  • login screen Appear.
  • Type your User Name & Password.
  • Hit Login Button.
  • PTCL Modem Setting Appear.
  • Click on the wireless Tab in the left Panel.
  • SSID is your Default Wireless Name is PTCL-BB
  • Change PTCL-BB To User (Your Name)
  • Click on Apply/Save Button.

How to Change PTCL Wireless Password

  • Click on the Security Tab in PTCL Modam Setting.
  • Click on Network Authentication WPA2-PSK
  • WPA / WAPI passphrase type password Minimum 8 character.
  • Click Apply/Save Button.

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