How to Change PTCL Modem Admin Password

If you are using PTCL Broadband Service in your home, office or in hostel! then i strongly suggest you to first change your Admin login password. Although you can’t change username but you can change its password and take its security to next level. Here is the small step by step tutorial on how to change PTCL Modem Admin Password. By following this short guide you will able to change your Broadband administrator login password. By Default admin password can be “admin” or it can be written on the back of your router, which can be easily accessed by any person who have approach to modem device. Do you know! Now you can check PTCL bill online.

And i damn sure you never want someone to make hurdle in your internet surfing or connection. So, it is always best to change the default DSL login password and assign new sensitive password to it. you may also interested to read How to reboot DSL modem Remotely – Reset Broadband.

How to Change PTCL Modem Admin Password

  1. First login into your PTCL DSL admin panel by default username and password.
    (username is “admin” and password can also be “admin” or may be written on the back of your device).
  2. For login type “” into your URL bar.
  3. pop up will appear as show in picture above which have username and password input fields.
  4. Once you have login successfully, then from the main menu click on management Button.
    you might interest to read How to Configure PTCL DSL Modem – Broadband Settings.
    Now Navigate to Access Control >> Passwords as show in picture bellow.
  5. On the password page, You will see list of username i.e “admin”, “Support”, “User” etc. By default we use “admin” so, select admin from the drop down.
  6. Now you need to enter your OLD password First. Enter your old password then type new password twice.
  7. In last, Click on save/ Apply Button as show in picture above. That’s ALL 🙂
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