How to Block any User on PTCL wifi Modem

If someone is using your PTCL Network and you want the inaccessibility of your network towards that user. You can block that user by following the procedure that i have mentioned below to block any user on PTCL wifi Modem.

How to Block any User on PTCL wifi Modem
  • First Type Following IP Address in your Browser.
  • or
  • Enter your PTCL Modam User Name and Password.
  • Click on the Device Info tab in the left panel.
  • Then click on DHCP.
  • DHCP option Display all connected user information available.
  • copy the user mac address that you want to block.
  • Click on the Wireless
  • Then click on Mac Filter Tab in the Left panel .
  • click add button
  • Past mac address
  • Click apply and save.
  • done! your user will be block.

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