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in this Tutorial i will show you how you can download High Quality dofollow Backlink 2021 Free Download list in PDF format.

A nofollow link is a link that contains a rel=”nofollow” attribute in its HTML code. This attribute tells search engines not to pass authority from the linking page to the destination page. As such, noffollow links have very little value from the SEO point of view.

The nofollow attribute was introduced in 2005 by Google, Yahoo and MSN in order to fight the comment spam by giving webmasters the option to devalue certain links.

Nofollow vs. Dofollow

From the technical point of view, the only difference between a nofollow link and a standard “dofollow” link is the presence of the rel=”nofollow” tag.

The practical difference is that nofollow links do not pass the link equity (also known as “link juice”).

In other words, if you get a nofollow backlink, the linking page doesn’t pass the authority to your page. It won’t improve your rankings and transfer any PageRank.

What is a dofollow link ?

The term “dofollow link” is used to describe a link that passes the authority as opposed to one that doesn’t.

Technically, it is not a correct name because there is no such thing as rel=”dofollow” attribute. Some SEOs are quite strict about this.

Do or Nofollow links have any SEO value?

There’s always been a lively debate about the possible impact of nofollow links on rankings.

Has a nofollow link from a relevant Forbes article really the same SEO value as a nofollow link from a spammy comment on a random website?

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We don’t know. But even if nofollow links pass no link equity at all, there are other indirect benefits they bring.

  1. They may serve as a hint for Google.
    • When Google introduced new attributes in 2019, they also announced that they will start treating nofollow links as hints:
    • What does it mean? Well, nobody knows exactly. One of the possible interpretations is that Google may decide to “ignore” the nofollow attribute in some cases. It may be for the ranking purposes or just for crawling and indexing. But more probably, they’ll just use them internally to help them improve their understanding of links and the content of the linked pages. After all, their official statement is that these hints will be used as “a way to better understand how to appropriately analyze and use links”.
  2. They can bring you traffic.
  3. They diversify your link profile.

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