High Quality Dofollow back link list 2020

The major task is to build trusted high Quality Dofollow back link and have a high quality of engaging content on your website.

The days of running spammy and low-quality back link are long gone/ Further more, Google has also stopped updating the public Toolbar Page Rank.

Until 2020, there were some popular and easy ways to create free do follow back licks such as-

  1. Forum Posting
  2. Links Form Forum Signatures
  3. Discussion Boards
  4. Question and Answer website like Yahoo, Stack overflow etc.
  5. Social Bookmarking
  6. Blog Directories
  7. RSS directories
  8. Css Directories
  9. Commenting on other blog website.

What are high Quality Back links or High Authority Back links anyway?

A high -quality back link or high authority back link is comprised or several factors listed below.

Domain Authority or Trusted Source

if your website is getting a dofolllow backlick from a website with high domain authority. Then there is sa good chance that Google will promote your website rankings in search results.


One of the effective strategies to get a high-quality backlink from a source your competitor can’t. Natural links from relevant and authority websites that links to you and your competitor can really make a huge difference.

Sends Traffic

One of the significant goals of searching and building backlinks is to drive more and more traffic to your website via relevant sources.

Therefore, always try/target to get backlinks from the websites with higher traffic, active readership. A decent amount of social following.

Non- commercial and non sponsored rich Anchor text

The quality of a back link increases if the anchor text of your link is your target keyword

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obviously, Google will penalize you, if it discovers plenty of links with same anchor text during back link analysis.

Therefore, always use synonyms or semantic words and phrases for your target keywords as anchor text.

From a Relevant Source

Google and Other search engines consider relevancy as one of the significant factors while evaluating a back link’s quality or authority.

Therefore, always try to find backlinks from the websites in the same niche or same subject as your website.

Google considers the overall relevance of the linking website.

In content

in content links appearing in the main content area or at the beginning of the article or page is considered to be more valuable then a link on the sidebar, footer or down the page.

Different source to your existing backlinks

A new link to your website from a website which hasn’t linked to you is more valuable than getting another link from a domain that has already linked to you.

Backlinks to Authority websites

If your backlink is included in a web page that links to high authority websites and shares the same niche as you.

Then Google is also going to mark your website a high authority website.

Below link button to download High Quality Dofollow back link list 2020.

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